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From the very beginning, video has been our core business and is one of the most powerful ways you can deliver your message to your audience.

Whatever your purpose – training, marketing, information or entertainment – your message is greatly enhanced through engaging and entertaining programmes. We draw on this to think beyond the traditional and devise interesting and innovative approaches to your video projects.

Today’s advances in digital technology enable video to move beyond “play and watch” – DVD and Blu-Ray allow for non-linear playback, interactivity, multiple video streams and can even directly link to web content.


Multimedia allows your audience to absorb information at their own pace; they no longer need to view everything from start to finish, instead they can choose what they want to see and hear.

A CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc is the perfect medium for rich, engaging multimedia – High Definition video, animation, graphics and interactivity can all be incorporated into a single product.

Don’t think that such projects are confined to individual computers though – ROM applications can connect to and interact with services and even each other over the Web, expanding their scope beyond the desktop.


The Internet is all around us and part of everyday life. A strong Web presence is essential to businesses of all sizes whether it’s for marketing, information or training.

We provide a wide range of Web design and hosting services, from simple one-page sites to full, interactive experiences featuring the latest technologies. If required we’ll also arrange any hosting and domain names, as well as optimising content to improve your site’s visibility in the major search engines.

Cutting-edge technology is always exciting, but we know that your site’s visitors are human with human needs – certainly consideration for disabilities or special requirements is rapidly becoming law. We take great pride in producing work to meet web and accessibility standards, ensuring that no matter how you connect to the Web, your site is delivered as consistently and accessible as possible.


Integrating media within your organisation enables you to connect with your personnel and customers quickly, simply and, importantly, in a cost-effective way.

By combining video, ROM and the Web you can ensure your message hits the right people in a creative and engaging manner – imagine fully interactive, video training programmes delivered online, or DVD-ROM sales brochures with 3D product shots kept up-to-the-minute with content updates from the Web.

We have developed these products that deliver and track training, marketing and information using this integrated approach. Through this you can target your audience, tailor your message and monitor its effectiveness.

What’s more, everything can be updated at the touch of a button and at significantly lower cost.

Let your imagination run free, the possibilities are endless…

Who we are

The Maclagan Men started in 1988 as a creative partnership between two Media Production graduates. Back then, the world of communications was a very different place – video and 35mm film were really the only media available.

With the technology explosion of the mid-Nineties, powerful media tools were becoming commonplace and with them came new possibilities. Embracing that potential, we grew alongside a rapidly-changing world and over two decades evolved into a unique and innovative Integrated Media company.

We’re driven by our passion for creating unique and practical media to answer your needs. Whatever your project may be, you can’t beat our experience – technology may have changed since ‘88 but creativity and value are what make the difference.

What we do

At our core is corporate media: staff and process training, business-to-business promotion and internal communications. We’ve produced innovative training packages for major UK companies as well as internal bulletins, launch events and conferences – examples of which are available to view in our portfolio.

However, there’s much more to us than the corporate world. Over the years we’ve produced television commercials for the UK and abroad, edcuation programmes, museum and exhibition installations and even the occassional music video.

Plus we enjoy exploring our creativity with our own productions, some of which may well be heading to film festivals in the near future…

Some of the family…

  • John Rosie

    John Rosie

    Director. Lecturer. Head Honcho. Original Man of Maclagan.

  • Ross Clutterbuck

    Ross Clutterbuck

    New Media ninja. Pixel perfectionist. Electro-head. Geek.

  • Anderson West

    Anderson West

    Production guru. Cameraman Extraordinaire. American.

  • Nathan Pascoe

    Nathan Pascoe

    Production Assistant. Level 1 Maclagan Man. Fledgling.

  • You've found an Easter Egg! Click me!

    Duncan Maclagan

    Progenitor. Reliable messenger. Elite communicator.

Some of our clients…

  • Travis Perkins
  • British Telecom
  • Accenture
  • Openreach
  • NHS
  • Michelin Tyre PLC

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